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Hemocyte Tissue Autograft
Why is our Hemocyte Tissue Autograft your best solution for ending joint pain?

A hemocyte is a blood cell or blood tissue. Hemocyte Tissue Autograft refers to blood and tissue components in your body that include leukocytes, erythrocytes, fibrinogen, platelets and plasma. It provides a concentrated harvested tissue to be used as a living tissue graft. The graft is immediately injected into your joint. This process is done in order to seal, fill and replace tissue lost due to injury and osteoarthritis, with autologous cells that are inherently compatible with your physiology.

Freedom Healthcare patients can expect to see a significant improvement in knee pain within a couple days. What makes Freedom Healthcare unique is our process of using fluoroscopy (x-ray) live image guidance to direct the placement of the tissue graft. This treatment often times brings the body back to its normal function and movement. Often times the procedure can stop the need for more aggressive surgical treatments.

This Freedom Health Care procedure is safe and quick to end your pain.

The Hemocyte Tissue Autograft is quick and effective, and takes place all in one visit. While response to treatment varies, most people will require two to four series of injections. Each treatment is spaced approximately 8-12 weeks apart. There is no limit to the number of treatments you can have.

As an FDA-approved treatment for osteoarthritis, a large portion of the Hemocyte Tissue Autograft is covered by Medicare. Several private insurance companies also cover all or a large portion of the procedure. This is a much cheaper and less invasive option than the cost and rehabilitation of joint replacement surgery.

At Freedom Healthcare we personally conduct your physical exam (with x-rays) and recommend if Hemocyte Tissue Autograft is right for you. With your input we'll make the best decision for your healthcare.

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